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2014   Inside The White Cube// Live Performance & Installation
Interplay   2013 - Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
2013   Performed by Sarah Adams & Rebekah Holden// Organised by Emily Artinian & Kaori Homma
Inside the White Cube    
Still Moving  

''Inside the White Cube takes a playful but considered look at the evolution of the gallery space. The constraint of scale functions as a metaphor for the innovative ways contemporary art is increasingly shown and valued. Art travelled vast distances from across the globe to find a home in this intimate and iconic structure. But with each work being the approximate dimensions of a postage stamp, the show is portable, inclusive, open and resource sensitive.

Sarah created a performance piece in direct response to the exhibtion. Shrinking down the gallery space to a comparatively microscopic area dramatically alters the audience's relationship to the work exhibited and the gallery space itself. There is also a sense in which two gallery spaces exist, one inside another; the physical building in which the fridge is exhibited and the fridge itself.

Considering this shrinking down, Sarah has devised a piece of choreography to be performed within a 1 foot gap indicated by two tape lines, exploring the ways in which confinement and size restriction considerably alter her movement, with this process resulting in unexpected forms.''

Emily Artinian

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