SARAH WHITE (ADAMS) //          

May 2017

A Study in Scatology and Repulsion.

Sarah lectured at Morphe Arts as part of their evening of talks and workshops exploring Prophetic Scatology, and specifically the 'performance acts' of Ezekiel 4.


February 2017

Vulnerability, Temporality and Dystopia.

Sarah lectured for the first time at Morphe Arts, exploring the changes in art criticism as result of queer theory and practice. Responding to James Elkins (in the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art), she looked at the rise in emotionality, vulnerability and subjectivity within performance based contemporary practice.


January 2016

As the new year begins Sarah will be showing in the Chelsea MA Fine Art Interim Show, alongside the nine other artists from the part-time course. These ten artists are working across a wealth of disciplines and interests but with a growing commonality of thinking emerging between their work.

6-9pm/ 21.01.16



July 2015

Sarah will be exhibiting at The Archive Gallery, London as part of the 'Human Nature' exhibition, supported by the UAL Postgraduate Community Fund.

'The exhibition celebrates human idiosyncrasies through art. We believe artmaking is cathartic and a therapeutic process, through which the nonsensical way humans live can be explored: our irrational thought processes, contradictory behaviours and intense emotions. London based emerging artists are invited to explore everyday existence, thought processes, mental health, emotions, relationships, conversations, habits and rituals.'

www.humannatureexhibition. com


May 2015

This month Sarah began working with fellow MA student Eldi Dundee to create performance work in response to Eldi's sculptures/performance plinths, as part as Alt MFAs research series. Playful Menace by Eldi Dundee


January 2015

Sarah is currently exhibiting at the Garden Museum in the group show, 'Connect and Grow' as part of the Siobhan Davies Dance Human Nature series. The exhibition brings together a collective body of work from five artists, investigating the link between choreography and horticulture, movement and change, the natural and the man-made. The exhibition is a culmination of an eight month professional development programme led by Pari Naderi, where the artists worked together to challenge and develop their practices in relation to choreography and nature. The exhibition is open until 19 February

Image by Gorm Ashurst


November 2014

This month Sarah began working with a group of three dancers from the Next Choreography course run by choreographer Charlotte Spencer and Siobhan Davies Dance. Working with three of Sarah's drawings the dancers will be developing a piece of choreography to be performed at the opening of the Connect and Grow exhibition.


March 2014

Sarah has been asked by Siobhan Davies Dance to work with the dancer and photographer Pari Naderi and three other artists to work on a year-long project in response to the the Human Nature series at Siobhan Davies Dance.

The series 'brings together horticulturists, artists, architects and choreographers to create new work. Drawing on the choreographic roots of Siobhan Davies Dance, the programme explores the dynamics of the relationship between people and plants.'


November 2013

Sarah's work has been featured in a new book produced by Siobhan Davies Dance. The book is a collection of photographs from the Still Moving project and was developed in response to the film 'All This Can Happen' by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton.


July 2013

Sarah has recently completed an internship with the artist and lecturer (Camberwell School of Art), Shane Waltener, working with him on the creation of the piece 'Panoramic Pathways, Nottingham City Lace', for the exhibition 'Make Believe: Re-imagining History and Landscape' at Nottingham Castle.

Click the link to see the video and hear Shane, Sarah and Jessica Cohen talk about the piece.